January 28, 2020

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Troubleshooting Kubernetes applications

Troubleshooting Kubernetes applications

Michael Hausenblas walks you through troubleshooting applications running in Kubernetes, from application-level debugging to distributed tracing to chaos engineering.

Talk Title Troubleshooting Kubernetes applications
Speakers Michael Hausenblas (AWS)
Conference O’Reilly Velocity Conference
Conf Tag Building and maintaining complex distributed systems
Location New York, New York
Date October 1-3, 2018
URL Talk Page
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Kubernetes makes it easy to run cloud-native applications in a resilient way. But what if something fails? How do you figure what caused a CrashLoopBackOff error message? What can be done about a service that is not reachable? How do you debug a containerized application or do fault injection in a microservices setup? Michael Hausenblas addresses these questions and more, including: Along the way, Michael shares concrete examples for each of the above topics, backed by a GitHub repo, and demonstrates some of them live.

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