October 13, 2019

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WebGL: The next generation

WebGL: The next generation

Tony Parisi explores the latest developments in web graphics using WebGL 2. Tony covers the new version of the 3D standard, as well as related technologies such as glTF for 3D data transmission and WebVR for web-based virtual reality.

Talk Title WebGL: The next generation
Speakers Tony Parisi (Wevr)
Conference Fluent
Conf Tag The Web Platform in Practice
Location San Francisco, California
Date March 8-10, 2016
URL Talk Page
Slides Talk Slides

WebGL, the hardware-accelerated 3D graphics API for HTML5 applications, is now ubiquitous, running on all browsers and platforms from desktop to mobile. So what’s next? 3D graphics pioneer and WebGL developer Tony Parisi explores WebGL 2, the next major upgrade which already runs in Firefox and is coming later this year to Chrome. Providing background, overview information, and detailed code examples, Tony offers attendees practical knowledge about creating content and deploying applications on a variety of platforms and devices, including virtual reality. In addition, Tony takes a look at two related developments: glTF, the emerging standard for downloading 3D graphics into WebGL-based applications, and WebVR, the experimental JavaScript API for developing browser-based virtual reality for the latest generation of consumer hardware.

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