October 13, 2019

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Web cryptography workshop

Web cryptography workshop

The Internet's security depends on cryptography. People use "secure" websites to take advantage of current cryptography methods. But what if users can't (or don't want to) trust the web server with their secrets? Web-page authors can use the Web Cryptography API to give their users end-to-end secrecy and authentication through web servers, not just to them. Charles and Laurie will show you how.

Talk Title Web cryptography workshop
Speakers Charles Engelke (Google, LLC), Laurie White (Google, LLC)
Conference Fluent
Conf Tag The Web Platform in Practice
Location San Francisco, California
Date March 8-10, 2016
URL Talk Page
Slides Talk Slides

The Web Cryptography API brings strong cryptography to standard web browsers without plugins, opening up new opportunities for frontend applications. Charles Engelke and Laurie White demonstrate how to build some of those applications. All you need is a computer with a recent web browser, a text editor, and a file system. This is a hands-on workshop. By the end, you’ll have written JavaScript code to use standard web browsers with no special plugins to perform symmetric and public-key encryption and decryption and to create and verify digital signatures, which can become a starting point for production code. This enables end-to-end secrecy and authentication between any two users who have standard web browsers on any platform, including mobile or Chrome OS. Topics include:

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