March 24, 2020

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Microservices migration patterns

Microservices migration patterns

Mark Richards outlines patterns for migrating monolithic and service-oriented architectures to microservices.

Talk Title Microservices migration patterns
Speakers Mark Richards (Self-employed)
Conference O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference
Conf Tag Engineering the Future of Software
Location New York, New York
Date February 24-26, 2020
URL Talk Page
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The path to migrating to microservices from a monolithic or service-oriented architecture (or even starting a greenfield application) is riddled with challenges, pitfalls, canyons, demons, and even fire-breathing dragons. Mark Richards likes to call it “The King’s Road.” He walks you through the migration patterns that allow you to easily fly over this challenging road and ease the pain associated with moving to microservices. He also explores some automation tools you can use to help analyze your applications to determine how challenging this road might be.

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