March 25, 2020

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Design and build great APIs

Design and build great APIs

Mike Amundsen explains the important balance between designing, building, and releasing APIs. You'll learn how to create a consistent process for your company to ensure your API teams produce quality APIs that developers can easily use to provide timely business solutions for your organization.

Talk Title Design and build great APIs
Speakers Mike Amundsen (, Inc.)
Conference O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference
Conf Tag Engineering the Future of Software
Location New York, New York
Date February 24-26, 2020
URL Talk Page
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Mike Amundsen identifies key skills for creating consistently successful APIs and walks you through simple tools to turn those skills into working models, sketches, and running code. Based on the book Design and Build Great APIs, you’ll learn to identify a consistent pattern that focuses on designing, building, and deploying robust, well-designed, and resilient APIs for existing services. Outline:

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