February 27, 2020

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Helping your dev teams succeed at ops, post-Kubernetes

Helping your dev teams succeed at ops, post-Kubernetes

Michael Hobbs takes a look at how best to ensure your service owners can succeed with responsibilities and concerns that were traditionally the domain of ops teams prior to the deployment of Kubernetes for production load within a business.

Talk Title Helping your dev teams succeed at ops, post-Kubernetes
Speakers Michael Hobbs (MOO)
Conference O’Reilly Velocity Conference
Conf Tag Build systems that drive business
Location Berlin, Germany
Date November 5-7, 2019
URL Talk Page
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Through its abstractions, Kubernetes allows the configuration of elements that would traditionally be the concern of the operations team to be defined by service owners. This is one of the most powerful ways in which Kubernetes promotes the DevOps principle of ownership. But the ability to “do” differs from the ability to “do well.” Michael Hobbs takes a deep dive into how you can ensure your teams are set up for success and making sound decisions within this aspect of service ownership. MOO has been running Kubernetes in production for over a year, and it’s still on this journey. Michael explains the things the company has done well, the things it hasn’t done so well, and the things it thinks will make a difference in the future. You’ll look at techniques and approaches to impart “ops wisdom” on to your cross-functional development teams, how to use data to guide you in making your choices, and also some things to avoid.

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