December 17, 2019

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Becoming a team lead: A survival guide

Becoming a team lead: A survival guide

Taking your first team lead role can be daunting. How do you set yourself up for the role? How do you steer the team direction without micromanaging? How do you look after yourself on top of handling the new responsibility? An engineer who accidentally fell into a team lead role, Joseph Wynn shares advice and best practices to help you feel more comfortable becoming a team lead.

Talk Title Becoming a team lead: A survival guide
Speakers Joseph Wynn (SpeedCurve)
Conference O’Reilly Fluent Conference
Conf Tag The Web Platform in Practice
Location San Jose, California
Date June 12-14, 2018
URL Talk Page
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Transitioning from team member to team lead can be a daunting process—and one full of challenges. You want to steer the direction of the team, but you don’t want to micromanage. You want everyone to excel, but you can’t hand out promotions every week. Perhaps most important of all, you want to take on this role, but you don’t want to burn out before you have a chance to make a difference. Joseph Wynn tells the story of his progression from engineer to team lead and shares tips and insights for becoming an effective team lead and keeping a team happy and successful. Topics include:

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