December 20, 2019

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The promise of Push

The promise of Push

HTTP/2 Push is the next frontier of web performance. Colin Bendell explores Push's possibilities and pitfalls as well as new metrics to measure the Push opportunity. Colin discusses when and how to use Push, testing, and several advanced techniques, reviews real-world experimentation, and shares recommendations on how to prepare for the future with Push support.

Talk Title The promise of Push
Conference Velocity
Conf Tag Build resilient systems at scale
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date November 7-9, 2016
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Push has been much anticipated since the finalization of HTTP/2. However, much like using a hammer on screws, Push is not always beneficial for performance. Looking at real-world examples, Colin Bendell explores Push’s possibilities—and its pitfalls and challenges—as well as new metrics to measure the Push opportunity. Colin also discusses how Push compares to other existing browser optimizations like the preloader, preconnect/dns-pretch resource hints, and service workers. Along the way, Colin reviews techniques and tools to start building apps that utilize Push and results from real-world experimentation. The future of Push is evolving rapidly, and tools are still emerging. Fortunately, preparing your application to leverage Push can offer broad benefits even to clients that don’t support Push. Topics include:

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