November 29, 2019

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Strategies for better technical interviews

Strategies for better technical interviews

Technical interviewing is profoundly important, but unfortunately, it's easy to do poorly and very difficult to do well. Moishe Lettvin outlines strategies for reducing bias and increasing the fidelity of your technical interviews.

Talk Title Strategies for better technical interviews
Speakers Moishe Lettvin (MailChimp)
Conference Velocity
Conf Tag Build resilient systems at scale
Location New York, New York
Date September 20-22, 2016
URL Talk Page
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Hiring the right people is arguably the biggest factor in the success of your organization. Unfortunately, evaluating candidates for software engineering roles is a remarkably difficult problem. Software engineering requires a blend of concrete skills and vague characteristics such as creativity and problem solving that are difficult to define, let alone evaluate, in an unbiased way in limited time. Moishe Lettvin discusses what he’s seen work (and fail) in his dozen years of hiring and interviewing at a handful of tech companies. Along the way, Moishe shares innovative hiring techniques used at MailChimp and strategies and principles to reduce bias and make interviewing as creative and interesting as software engineering itself at your organization. Topics include:

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