November 23, 2019

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Scaling frontend performance

Scaling frontend performance

Patrick Meenan outlines techniques for serving rich experiences to users on fast connections while still offering a fast experience for users on slow connections and addresses some eye-opening issues and solutions for serving content on mobile connections.

Talk Title Scaling frontend performance
Speakers Patrick Meenan (Facebook)
Conference Velocity
Conf Tag Build resilient systems at scale
Location Santa Clara, California
Date June 21-23, 2016
URL Talk Page
Slides Talk Slides

The range of connectivity for visitors has never been wider, encompassing every possible combination of latency and bandwidth (gigabit fiber, satellite, cable/DSL, dial-up, LTE, 3G, 2G, etc.), and usage is growing at both extremes. Serving a fast experience to visitors on slower connections does not mean having to sacrifice a rich user experience or serving different versions of content. Patrick Meenan outlines techniques for measuring the current user experience and dynamically adjusting the content to consistently deliver a fast experience—including dynamically adjusting image quality (without a custom image server), effective lazy image loading, optionally including third-party content, and static content serving/CDN planning—dives into issues specific to slower mobile connections where how you construct and serve your content can reduce an already slow connection to one where almost no content can successfully be delivered, and explains how HTTP/2 and proxy browsers can help.

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