November 23, 2019

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Running microservice environments is no free lunch

Running microservice environments is no free lunch

Migrating toward microservices tends to result in a 20x larger environment than monolithic counterparts. While the bright side of microservices and their enabling container platforms is high availability and scalability, what about the dark sidethe side that nobody talks about in their presentations. Alois Mayr and Alexander Ramos uncover the truth so you dont have to learn it the hard way.

Talk Title Running microservice environments is no free lunch
Speakers Alois Mayr (Dynatrace), Alexander Ramos (B2W digital)
Conference Velocity
Conf Tag Build resilient systems at scale
Location Santa Clara, California
Date June 21-23, 2016
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Don’t blindly buy into presentations from so-called evangelists or experts on how cool microservices are and how Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, etc. will just “take care” of all your performance and scalability problems. Don’t forget the golden rule: there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Since the beginning of the hype around containers and microservices, several organizations have actually transformed their IT to support both legacy and new applications in a more modern environment, moving away from physical data centers toward public, private, or hybrid clouds, using new technologies that pop up every day. While certain things have gotten easier, you still need to do your homework when it comes to proper application architecture, scalability, orchestration, performance, and monitoring. Alois Mayr and Alexander Ramos discuss the dark side of microservices so you don’t have to learn it the hard way. Alois and Alexander outline the things you should have on your to-do list when moving down the path of re-architecting your environments. Topics include: This session is sponsored by Dynatrace.

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