November 7, 2019

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Multihost, multinetwork persistent containers

Multihost, multinetwork persistent containers

Containers are considered ephemeral: they can be thrown away, updated, or redeployed. But what if you need persistence or, heaven forbid, you use a database? With some live hacking, Alvin Richards showcases the core Docker componentsMachine, Engine, Swarm, and Composealong with integration with Aerospike so you can deploy persistent database containers across multiple hosts and networks.

Talk Title Multihost, multinetwork persistent containers
Speakers Alvin Richards (Aerospike)
Conference O’Reilly Open Source Convention
Conf Tag
Location Austin, Texas
Date May 16-19, 2016
URL Talk Page
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Containers are great ephemeral vessels for your applications. But what about the data that drives your business? It must survive containers coming and going, maintain its availability and reliability, and grow when you need it. Alvin Richards reviews a number of strategies to deal with persistent containers and discusses where the data can be stored and how to scale the persistent container layer. Alvin includes code samples and interactive demos showing the power of Docker Machine, Engine, Swarm, and Compose, before demonstrating how to combine them with multihost networking to build a reliable, scalable, and production-ready tier for the data needs of your organization. This session is sponsored by Aerospike.

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