December 23, 2019

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Building security into your workflow with InSpec

Building security into your workflow with InSpec

When we're looking for improved velocity and speeding up the process of delivering value to customers, incorporating security and compliance requirements is important. Mandi Walls offers an overview of InSpec, a tool that can help bridge the gap between security needs and operational realities in continuous delivery workflows.

Talk Title Building security into your workflow with InSpec
Conference Velocity
Conf Tag Build resilient systems at scale
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date November 7-9, 2016
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InSpec is an open source testing framework for infrastructure with a human- and machine-readable language for specifying compliance, security, and policy requirements. Using a combination of command-line and remote-execution tools, InSpec can help you keep your infrastructure aligned with security and compliance guidelines on an ongoing basis, rather than waiting for and then remediating from arduous annual audits. InSpec’s flexibility makes it a key tool choice for incorporating security into a complete continuous delivery workflow, reducing the risk of new features and releases breaking established host-based security guidelines. Mandi Walls covers the basics of working with InSpec, writing tests to reflect your organization’s security guidelines, and managing InSpec as part of a high-velocity workflow.

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